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{teaspoon} is a creative modern eatery located in the courtyard of the Casas Adobes Plaza. Owners/sisters Teresa and Mary come from three generations of restauranteurs in NYC. Wanting to leave their mark on the food industry, they joined to debut their first restaurant in the Tucson area. Their home-kitchen inspired and locally-driven menu pays homage to a mix of global cuisines.

Teresa Cheung-Valencia: Owner, Chef Teresa believes food is an identity. “When you cook, you share a part of yourself because what you put in your dishes is your story -- a combination of all the flavors you grew up with and your idea of what the taste should be. That’s why two people can cook the same thing and it can come out completely different.”

Mary Grzegorski: Owner, Chef Mary is the kind of person that has a quote for every type of situation in life. She believes in the power of food to heal and the power of words to inspire. She shares some of her favorite quotes on a board at the restaurant.

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Teresa Cheung

Pierre Gabant